Sarah Vaughan Songs on Eleo W.E.B Fusic FEMALE Radio

And I Love Her: 00:04:08
And I Love Her (LP Version): 00:04:08
Blackbird: 00:03:33
Blackbird (LP Version): 00:03:33
Come Together: 00:03:23
Come Together (LP Version): 00:03:23
Eleanor Rigby: 00:03:48
Eleanor Rigby (LP Version): 00:03:48
Fool On The Hill: 00:04:15
Fool On The Hill (LP Version): 00:04:15
Get Back: 00:02:54
Get Back (LP Version): 00:02:54
Here There And Everywhere: 00:02:49
Here There And Everywhere (LP Version): 00:02:49
I Want You (She's So Heavy): 00:03:30
I Want You (She's So Heavy) (LP Version): 00:03:30
Something: 00:04:17
Something (LP Version): 00:04:17
The Long And Winding Road: 00:03:07
The Long And Winding Road (LP Version): 00:03:07
You Never Give Me Your Money: 00:02:48
You Never Give Me Your Money (LP Version): 00:02:48

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