John Lee Hooker Songs on Eleo W.E.B Fusic ROCK Radio

Baby Lee [Robert Cray]: 00:03:41
Big Legs Tight Skirt: 00:05:59
Big Legs Tight Skirt [Ike Turner]: 00:05:59
Boogie Chillen: 00:04:34
Boogie Chillen [Eric Clapton]: 00:04:34
Boom Boom: 00:04:17
Boom Boom [Jimmie Vaughn]: 00:04:17
Burnin' Hell: 00:05:00
Burnin' Hell [Ben Harper]: 00:05:00
Chill Out (Things Gonna Change) [Carlos Santana]: 00:04:44
Dimples: 00:03:59
Dimples [Los Lobos]: 00:03:59
Don't Look Back: 00:06:41
Don't Look Back [Charles Brown]: 00:06:41
I Cover The Waterfront: 00:06:40
I Cover The Waterfront [Van Morrison]: 00:06:40
I'm In The Mood [Bonnie Raitt]: 00:04:27
The Healer: 00:05:37
The Healer [Carlos Santana]: 00:05:37
This Is Hip: 00:03:23
This Is Hip [Ry Cooder]: 00:03:23
Tupelo: 00:03:53
UP AND DOWN: 00:04:32
Up And Down (Bonus Track): 00:04:32

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