Dee Dee Bridgewater Songs on Eleo W.E.B Fusic FEMALE Radio

Afro Blue: 00:05:08
Bad Spirits (Bani): 00:05:45
Children Go `Round (Demissenw): 00:06:02
Compared to What: 00:05:19
Dee Dee: 00:02:53
Four Women: 00:05:20
Long Time Ago: 00:06:44
Mama Don't Ever Go Away (Mama Digna Sara Ye): 00:05:35
Meanwhile: 00:04:21
No More (Bambo): 00:04:42
Oh My Love (Djarabi): 00:06:00
Red Earth (Massane Cisse): 00:05:13
The Griots (Sakhodougou): 00:06:00

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